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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Is Kentico a Good CMS System for your Business?

In this world of digital era with increasing web services, websites no longer contain multiple dynamic web pages. Website developers for online stores, social sites, etc. are facing difficulties in developing, monitoring & maintaining the sites, as they have to keep pace with the advanced information age.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Highlighting the essentials of Web Design Strategy

As we witness the transition from desktop or laptop to smartphones and tablets, new challenges in different fields have come up before developers when they build a website. Before developing a website, let’s take a look at the some of the major essentials of web design strategy.

Need for a Responsive Design
What is mandatory here, is to build a layout that is able to work well on every device and redesign the images according to smaller screen sizes.
Software Prototyping

Thursday, April 21, 2016

5 Tools Changing the Scenario of Hybrid App Development

With the burgeoning demand for omnichannel mobile experience, the market for enterprise mobile apps has also skyrocketed. It is mandatory that these apps developed are robust and scalable, besides being accessible on multiple platforms, screen sizes, and dimensions. We have listed the best mobile app development tools that have changed the whole scenario of mobile application development in the 21st century:

IONIC, an HTML 5 app framework, is developed SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) and provides best-in -class User Interface components when it comes to developing interactive app interfaces. The tool utilizes Angular JS in order to empower application dev.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Uncovering the Stages of Website Development Process

When it comes to designing and development processes of website, there are various stages involved. It starts from acquiring initial data to the development of the website and finally the process of maintaining the website to keep it up-to-date. 

Stage One: Gathering of Information

In the first step, you need to gather considerable information regarding your purpose for the development of the website, your short term, and long term goals, targeted audience, the type of content you’re going to provide and so forth. 

Stage Two: Planning

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Advantage of ‘Speed’ in Analytics

Variety, volume, velocity and value – These factors are of no consequence if organizations are not able to derive actionable insights instantaneously and in real time. This fifth dimension – speed – is essential for enterprises to draw quick insights on the analyzed information and to ensure the value of derived information. Adding further credibility to speedy analytics is the projected growth rate of data by the year 2020, which says the world will see 40 zettabytes of data, increasing at 50 times per year. In addition, market surveys suggest that almost 73% of the organizations spend 20% of their IT budget on leveraging their big data solutions.

A look at three prominent advantages of applying ‘speed’ to analytics:

1.    The returns from investments on big data analytics have become faster. In a recent survey by IBM, 63% of the surveyed companies are experiencing returns within a year while 26% are generating ROIs within half a year.

2.    Big data and analytics solutions are now used for solving operational challenges as well, while customer personalization continues alongside. A survey shows that 40% enterprises are utilizing analytics for addressing operational issues.

3.    Last, but not the least, the entire businesses are getting re-invented using technology and data analytics solutions are driving businesses in achieving this feat powered by access to well-organized information.

Clavax Technologies is a provider of big data and analytics solutions to businesses and empower them with actionable insights on their markets, consumers and latest products or services. Besides offering analytics solutions, the company also has a team of web developers in California to create intuitive and easy to navigate websites for their clients.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Content within a Context!

It’s the era of digital finesse, where content rules the context! There is an increased usage of smart devices that run on multiple platforms, feature a wide range of screen sizes and display resolutions, warranting the optimization of websites for viewability across devices. The elements used earlier for designing interfaces have been transformed to accommodate these changes, so as to allow web developers in California create highly intuitive interfaces. If earlier, the norm was to ensure that websites were content-specific, rather than functioning in a specified context; it’s no longer so. This ‘context’ used to be either a device or screen that the user would view or interact with.

Ever since devices have become smarter with advanced hardware specifications, screen resolutions and displays, the idea of the ‘contexts’ has changed. The content-driven web pages are now realigned to cater to the variations in hardware specifications and platform-browser adaptability. This has led to reorganization of content to effectively fit within the viewing environment, which has been achieved with the use of Responsive web design. A Responsive design utilizes the concept of fluid grids that allows the user to adapt the content according to viewing environments, i.e., the environment within which the content is to be viewed.

Clavax Technologies caters to a diverse client base spread over the world and operating in varied industry verticals. There is a certified team of web developers in California who is responsible for rendering solutions in web design, development, and deployment through to maintenance at times. The company ensures that the solutions being designed by them are capable of only meeting the client requirements as well as specifications. Additional services offered by the company include content management (with Kentico Development), data analytics and legacy modernization.