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Sunday, September 25, 2016

What Design Trends can Help you Dominate the Arena?

When it comes to web design, it is something that is constantly changing every year. It is difficult to predict which of the trends will help you draw attention of your users or not. But these are surely going to help you to a great extent in the development of the web design strategy for your business.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Content within a Context!

It’s the era of digital finesse, where content rules the context! There is an increased usage of smart devices that run on multiple platforms, feature a wide range of screen sizes and display resolutions, warranting the optimization of websites for viewability across devices. The elements used earlier for designing interfaces have been transformed to accommodate these changes, so as to allow web developers in California create highly intuitive interfaces. If earlier, the norm was to ensure that websites were content-specific, rather than functioning in a specified context; it’s no longer so. This ‘context’ used to be either a device or screen that the user would view or interact with.

Ever since devices have become smarter with advanced hardware specifications, screen resolutions and displays, the idea of the ‘contexts’ has changed. The content-driven web pages are now realigned to cater to the variations in hardware specifications and platform-browser adaptability. This has led to reorganization of content to effectively fit within the viewing environment, which has been achieved with the use of Responsive web design. A Responsive design utilizes the concept of fluid grids that allows the user to adapt the content according to viewing environments, i.e., the environment within which the content is to be viewed.

Clavax Technologies caters to a diverse client base spread over the world and operating in varied industry verticals. There is a certified team of web developers in California who is responsible for rendering solutions in web design, development, and deployment through to maintenance at times. The company ensures that the solutions being designed by them are capable of only meeting the client requirements as well as specifications. Additional services offered by the company include content management (with Kentico Development), data analytics and legacy modernization.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Native or Responsive – What to Choose?

The long standing debate on whether to design a responsive web application or a native mobile application has now reached a tipping point. And now business enterprises are moving towards implementing both of these applications, depending on their consumer audience. The web developers in California can be consulted to discuss in detail about the pros and cons of both kinds of applications. But, here, let’s find out the basic differences between the two and how implementing either would be beneficial to a business venture.

A responsive website utilizes fluid and flexible grids to adapt to the user’s device or viewing environment, whereas native applications are created for a specific device or platform. Responsive websites are basically lightweight versions of a full-fledged website. On the other hand, in case of native mobile applications, they are designed to be exclusively accessed from a mobile device. The web developers in California can be of great assistance to help clients sort out their confusions regarding which type to build. If the clients are looking at round-the-clock user connectivity, the Android app developers can be consulted on formulating design or development strategies for a native application.

Located in the city of San Jose, California, Clavax Technologies LLC is a provider of web and mobile app development solutions to help their clients leverage their client businesses. The company has a certified and trained team of Android app developers who dabble in the latest rollouts of technology and IDE updates to ensure the creation of context-aware applications. Their team of web developers in California is responsible for developing web applications conforming to the current device and user behavior trends; capable of designing responsive, native or mobile-based web applications.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Why Work With Web Developers California?

Over the years, retail businesses have slowly and steadily shifted their base from the real world towards the virtual world. The competition is on the rise and businesses are striving hard to win the game. But, this can be a difficult task if they lack the right tools, services and technologies, besides not being backed by a highly skilled team of personnel. An ecommerce web development company California can effectively tackle all these challenges and much more for their partner companies with their resources as well as experience in the related field.

The benefits of working with an ecommerce web development company California are many, a few of which can be outlined as under:

  • Their team of web designers is certified and is capable of creating visually appealing web page designs that facilitate ease-of-navigation, besides being highly intuitive.
  • The development team is proficient in multiple programming languages, thereby being able to assist their clients in developing a state-of-the-art application in any platform they want.
  • These web developers California are also vital in providing the right technical consultation and analytics to their clients from the retail industry.
  • The ecommerce development company also offers- continuous technical support and maintenance services to their clients.
A highly forward thinking team of web developers California, when it comes to mobile design, Clavax Technologies is headquartered at one of the largest cities of California, San Jose. The company offers their consulting as well as technological expertise in the creation or revamping of ecommerce websites. As an ecommerce web development company California, they have many successful websites to their credit.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kentico Developers To Fast-Track Your Web Application Development

Today, the world and its inhabitants strive on one single buzzword: Instant! This is how the world functions – a fact which receives further boost with the advancements being made in technology in recent times. The Internet has become a part of people’s lives, which in turn have aided the growth of digital buyers in remarkable numbers; the end result of everything being put up for e-commerce.

But then again there is a catch to the rise of online retail stores – consumers, more often than not hardly stick to one single platform. The key to creating web sites that are engaging and are optimized for user navigation is to work with a team of web developers California or with Kentico developers.

These technology experts are often a part of a web development company California. The Kentico developers use the Kentico development tool that already comes loaded with a host of features like:
  • Plug and Play functionality 
  • Multiple site management 
  • Built-in webparts (More than 400) 
  • Social media integration 
  • Reports and analytics 
  • Highly flexible architecture
These features are just a hadful out of the entire package. The web developers California not only provide valuable insights on design issues, but also on how present market trends are going to affect their product.

Clavax Technologies LLC is a technology outsourcing company situated in San Jose, California that is dedicated to providing quality technology and services to their clients from multiple industrial sectors. They have a highly skilled team of Kentico developers to offer their online retail clients with end-to-end e-commerce solutions. The Kentico development tool is a fully customizable technology solution with a range of benefits for both developers as well as the users. Also, the fact that the company is a Kentico Gold partner further cements the fact that they offer only the best technology solutions to their e-commerce clients.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Benefits Of Responsive Web Development

The latest trend that seems to have caught onto the imaginations of web developers is the “Responsive” feature of a web site. A web site is said to be responsive when it's design capabilities enable it to adapt and align itself to any device depending on the display size and device orientation. Rendering a web site responsive simply involves some changes in the existing code base, instead of having to build a web site from scratch.

The major advantages of having a web development company build a responsive web site for your business enterprise are listed as under:
  1. First and foremost, optimizing a website does not require the web developers to work on the web pages from scratch, which leads to a substantial reduction in the time spent in development and the costs incurred.
  2. The burgeoning number of mobile device users require business enterprises to rethink the development strategy linked to creating and updating web sites.
  3. A responsive website conforms to having a standardized approach in having a single website that is capable of being accessed from all devices, instead of having to develop separate sites for multiple devices.
  4. Last but not the least, a responsive website developed by a web development company features an enhanced user interface and ensures improved user engagement.
Clavax Technologies LLC is a web development company California based that excels in the design and development of interactive and responsive web applications. There is a certified team of highly talented web developers to assist their clients of web development right from the design stages to the final project deployment stage.