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Monday, May 8, 2017

Top Reasons Why You Must Use Kentico CMS System

With the exponential growth rate of the content in web, it is often very difficult to edit, manage & maintain the website pages on a single interface. The most reliable solution to all such issues is to implement Content Management System (CMS). There are several CMS systems available in the market today that helps in effectively managing the web content.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Role of Big Data on Digital World

Access to Big Data Analytics has transformed how the small as well as large-scale businesses work. Most of the companies are now focusing on getting more relevant information about the customers that will help in making better decisions and fine tune marketing & sales.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Is Kentico a Good CMS System for your Business?

In this world of digital era with increasing web services, websites no longer contain multiple dynamic web pages. Website developers for online stores, social sites, etc. are facing difficulties in developing, monitoring & maintaining the sites, as they have to keep pace with the advanced information age.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Big Data and the Transforming Digital Universe

As the amount of data burgeoned around us, human civilization witnessed the emergence of a technology that has been transforming the digital universe. It is nothing other than the big data. Since its inception, it has provided us a way to tap into the humungous amount of data and get the best out of it for our businesses.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Enterprise Content Management System: Do I Really Need It?

As the data escalated in the 21st century, the organizations felt the need to manage the data effectively. That was the time when Enterprise Content Management system came into the scene. It has led organizations all over the globe to adopt the system for the effective management of data and extract value from it and increase efficiency in the revenue generation.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Your 360° Guide to Customer Loyalty

According to Forbes, 32% of executives says their priority is to retain the present customers. Customer loyalty plays an important role in the defining the success of an organization. Not only it enables the business to retain the existing customers but also increase the revenue base in an effective manner.
Here in this blog, we are going to cover major approaches that could be kept in mind while implementing Customer Loyalty Solutions:
Know your customer

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Driving Audience with Kentico Integrated Solutions

When it comes to delivering a consistent CX (customer experience) across various channels, improvement of their brand identity and response time can work wonders for your business. The Kentico content management system specializes in offering an easy-to-use set of tools for marketers and business for management of marketing activities and initiation of a quick launch across multiple channels utilizing a single dashboard.

The Kentico CMS system comes with an integrated marketing solution for every user and developer. Following top-notch features of the CMS can easily charge up your business in an unimaginable way:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How to spot the right Kentico Development Partner?

With the release of Kentico 9, there are more and more organizations opting for this platform. But you may be wondering: How to differentiate between a project-hunter and real Kentico CMS professional?
Here, in this blog we have laid out various qualities of a trusted Kentico Provider that you can rely upon:

Credentials to prove their expertise

Main credibility lies in the company’s portfolio. For an organization who has handled various projects on Kentico CMS system,

Friday, June 5, 2015

Five Crucial Features of Selecting a Content Management System

 Kentico development

If your website features high volumes of data and information or if you are in the process of launching a content-rich website, it would be ideally a feasible solution to integrate a CMS into it. However, there are a few key points to keep in mind while selecting and integrating the same. We list the 5 crucial features to look into while selecting a content management system for your web enterprise project:
  • Performance and scalability are two intrinsic requirements of any project. The website should not only be recording optimal performance, but it should also be scalable if the need arises at some point in the future. Caching a page at multiple levels is an effecite way of improving performance.
  • Extensibility and Integration implies that the CMS effortlessly integrates with other technologies as well as systems. The ready-to-use connectors are an effective solution for extending the usability of the system while at the same time significantly reducing development times.
  • Multisite Support has become quite a popular requirement nowadays, given that website are no longer limited to just a single corporate website. Most organizations often have online stores, blogs, intranets, community websites and at least a few microsites targeting specific segments of users. With Kentico, enterprises get to design and deploy multiple sites from a single dashboard.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boost Your Marketing Strategies with Kentico

The volatile nature of the markets has led to the rise and fall of trends every hour. In such a context, keeping track of the digital media metrics for a website becomes a prime concern for all businesses – from mid-sized to enterprise levels. A survey carried out by Kentico on the latest digital marketing trends shows that 26% of the high-performing marketing teams in organizations run digital marketing analyzes as a top priority activity.

As a technology platform, Kentico offers a diverse set of features for both developers and users of which its online marketing tool is highly notable. This inbuilt marketing tool in the system can be utilized to generate:
  • Web analytics reports (track statistics on yearly, monthly, daily or hourly basis);
  • Newsletters;
  • Multivariate and A/B testing modules;
  • Lead scoring (based on behavioral or demographic);
  • Content personalization;
  • Tracking conversions.
The built-in Kentico development module for Lead Scoring can be used for automatically categorizing the most promising leads and details related to those can be sent out to internal sales teams. Besides these features, there is also a Contact management module that presents a 360-degree view of the customer – their browsing trends, as well as behavior across all devices. In short, Kentico is a powerful tool in personalizing consumer content and to ensure that marketing strategies are formulated with the consumers in mind.

Clavax Technologies is web development company California that has been consistently delivering technology solutions across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors. The company particularly excels in the creation of mobile and web application development; the system architecture of which is flexible, robust and scalable. Furthermore, being a Kentico Gold partner, the company has a certified team for Kentico development.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Content within a Context!

It’s the era of digital finesse, where content rules the context! There is an increased usage of smart devices that run on multiple platforms, feature a wide range of screen sizes and display resolutions, warranting the optimization of websites for viewability across devices. The elements used earlier for designing interfaces have been transformed to accommodate these changes, so as to allow web developers in California create highly intuitive interfaces. If earlier, the norm was to ensure that websites were content-specific, rather than functioning in a specified context; it’s no longer so. This ‘context’ used to be either a device or screen that the user would view or interact with.

Ever since devices have become smarter with advanced hardware specifications, screen resolutions and displays, the idea of the ‘contexts’ has changed. The content-driven web pages are now realigned to cater to the variations in hardware specifications and platform-browser adaptability. This has led to reorganization of content to effectively fit within the viewing environment, which has been achieved with the use of Responsive web design. A Responsive design utilizes the concept of fluid grids that allows the user to adapt the content according to viewing environments, i.e., the environment within which the content is to be viewed.

Clavax Technologies caters to a diverse client base spread over the world and operating in varied industry verticals. There is a certified team of web developers in California who is responsible for rendering solutions in web design, development, and deployment through to maintenance at times. The company ensures that the solutions being designed by them are capable of only meeting the client requirements as well as specifications. Additional services offered by the company include content management (with Kentico Development), data analytics and legacy modernization.

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Latest Feature in Real Estate Websites: Online Auctions

It has been some time since real estate websites have managed to make a mark in the virtual world and people have lapped up every form of service offered by these websites. This has led to a stage wherein the need to implement new features is rapidly rising; features that would radically improve the users’ browsing experiences. Enter real estate online action software – software that has been designed with the primary aim of carrying out the offline auction procedure on the web. Real estate online auction software components are particularly commendable as they power some of the rapidly growing real estate websites around the globe.

The real estate online auction software integrates a series of attributes into the application, which are designed to aid both buyers and sellers to effectively participate in auctions online. These auctions take place in real time, i.e., bids are placed as an impression of a “programmatic instantaneous action”. The bids are updated at the auctioneers and buyers end, very much like an offline auction process. Furthermore, real estate online auction software can include features like upcoming event listing; allow event-specific registrations, enhanced search options and live chat functionalities. They can be optimized to include an automated bidding module as well.

Based in California, Clavax technologies LLC is a provider of technology solutions, services and consulting to clients operating in industries that are as diverse as their demographics. There are certified Kentico developers, who have an immense contribution in developing multiple high-end web applications. Besides Kentico developers, there are certified web and mobile application developers in technologies (PHP, Python, .NET) and tools (XCODE, Android).

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kentico Development - Upgraded To 8.1 Version

Kentico is a .Net based, enterprise-level web content management system (CMS) that enables both developers and users to manage content on their websites efficiently and effectively. If the previous versions were designed keeping in mind the ease-of-access for users of the system, the newly updated Kentico version 8.1 is even better. The entire user interface has been redesigned to make it more organized and the navigation system has been enhanced based on user recommendations. Kentico development with this latest version is set to become even more effortless with the new set of tools to optimize functionality for websites that use Kentico CMS solutions.
A few features from the Kentico 8.1 development solutions:
  • LinkedIn Integration
    Users are allowed to schedule, automate and post workflows from within Kentico for publishing in LinkedIn. Marketers can also manage their company profiles on LinkedIn, directly from the Kentico dashboard.
  • SharePoint integration improvements
    Allows the sharing and displaying data with native Microsoft libraries from SharePoint; multiple connections to SharePoint can be set-up with the same Kentico connection.
  • Live Tiles and Updated dashboard
    Now developers can populate their dashboard with the frequently used applications to get previews of statistics in real-time in the form of customized live tiles.
  • Online marketing Performance improvements
    The Kentico Development version 8.1 is designed to lower the performance footprint of its online marketing modules for faster response time and the ability to handle more traffic during peak hours.
  • Buy X, Get Y Discounts
    Kentico development with this new version will enable store owners to configure and customize your discount schemes in a more sophisticated manner.
Clavax is a Kentico certified partner and an offshore software development company that offers a wide range of software development options using Kentico CMS solutions. There is a dedicated and highly skilled team of Kentico certified developers to render services like creative design, custom Kentico web development modules, Content analysis and migration, testing & QA and upgrading an existing website with Kentico CMS solutions.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kentico Development To Efficiently Manage Your E-Commerce Website

The key to having an always up e-commerce website is to have an efficient content management system and a scalable site architecture. E-commerce websites are exploding in numbers by the day and in such a scenario, businesses should create websites that are flexible and can be upgraded as and when required. Enlisting the services of a web development company San Jose to develop a website for your expanding your businesses on the web can save you a lot of time and costs in getting the intricacies of the project right. The professional web developers utilize the functionalities of Kentico Development to create fully-integrated e-commerce sites.

Advantages of using Kentico development tools:
  • Wide range of in-built functionalities and availability of more than 450 web templates reduces development time by more than half.
  • A highly-flexible customization model along with the Kentico CMS allows easy integration with the system's existing back-end.
  • The efficient Content Management System of the Kentico development tool enables users and developers to maintain store and maintain large repositories of data in the website.
  • Features like customizable payment gateway, with support for multiple currency payment, makes the e-commerce websites developed using Kentico technology are sure winners.
Clavax is a web development company San Jose pioneering the use of Kentico CMS for developing and managing websites, especially e-commerce sites. The Kentico development IDE enables developers to handle multiple websites from a single user interface, which considerably reduces the time required to switch between windows. Furthermore, the Kentico CMS facilitates the creation a flexible and scalable website that can effortlessly handle large chunks of product inventories.