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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Exploring The Future of Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are one of the innovative developments of human civilization. Not only these have provided an element of ease in our lives but also it has changed the notion of interconnectedness in the world. The ecosystem of mobile app development has been rapidly changing around us marking a deep transformation of every process around us.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Does My Small Business Need Mobile App?

Did you know that around 90% of digital media time is spent on applications? This figure testifies the fact that applications have become an indispensable part of everyone’s life.  As a result, every industry is moving towards the way of developing its own application. But we often come across a wide misconception when it comes to mobile apps. It is majorly found among the business owners that mobile app is only for big fish in the market, not the small ones. What we say is…Wrong!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What makes Mobile App important for Your Business?

In the 21st century, mobile has become an inherent part of our digital life. Every task that was impossible to imagine a decade ago is now made readily possible with it. Major part of this is played by none other than your applications.
Let’s have a look at some figures:
  • Worldwide figures of mobile app downloads account for 102,062 million
  • In June 2015, more than a hundred billion apps have had been downloaded from Apple App Store alone.
  • Mobile applications downloads are projected to reach the mark of 268,692 million by 2017
Amazing figures, aren’t they?

Monday, May 9, 2016

Android Application and Its “Free” Market

In the world of android app development, the developers are free to select the type of model of revenue they prefer. They’re free to develop shareware, freeware, ad-driven, trialware or paid apps. In its initial phase, android was specially designed to be a game changer when it came to the type of applications that could be developed. But before we move ahead, let’s take a look at the early days of android app dev.
The Early Days
Earlier, there were many restrictions faced by the Android App Developers. These included store limitations on the number of apps of a specific type, limitations on loyalty, revenue models and pricing, and sometimes the unwillingness of the operator to provide apps for smaller demographics also became an issue.

Monday, February 29, 2016

An App Can Change the level of your Real Estate Business

Fifty years back, people usually searched a property through local newspapers or scanned through different advertisements. On one hand there where people looked through newspapers, on the other hand, other drove around the place for open houses.

While in the 21st century, everyone requires effectiveness of a digitally-fused environment in search of their dream property. It is very well supported by the fact that 54% of home buyers in 2014 utilized mobile apps for conducting their home search.

But one main question arises in everyone’s mind: How has the real estate industry changed so much in these years? The reason is, real estate sector like any other sector has been successful in adapting to technological innovations that have taken place over time.

Let’s take a look at how technology has enhanced every endeavor in the sector.

Realtors, agents and brokers were among the first who adapted to this technological advancement. While utilizing the assistance of an Online Real Estate Software Company,

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Boost your Business with Clavax

Is your business not progressing as expected? No need to worry. Give a boost to your business today with Clavax Technologies!

Clavax Technologies is a prominent web, software and mobile application development company based in San Jose, California. Its first class services are supported by a solid group of 200+ profoundly gifted experts to convey imaginative, secure and adaptable IT solutions for our customers. Clavax go about as your technology accomplices by comprehending your business challenges and applying state-of-art engineering technologies to provide inventive IT solutions.

What Services do they provide?
Business & Technology Consulting
Clavax monitors developing business sector patterns and executes changes to make your business more agile and productive with its business and IT specialists. It involves the alignment of a company’s competencies and core goals across discrete and personnel operating units, information systems and processes.
Web Application Services
Adjust to changing necessities and expand the ROI of your applications with Clavax’s business-basic applications that are intended to enhance productivity and execution.
Big Data and Analytics
Unleash your business potential and include noteworthy insights making use of Big Data Analytics Solutions.

Friday, December 11, 2015

GoodFirms Spotlights Clavax Technologies as an Efficient Application Developer

GoodFirms pioneering research aims at putting forth an assortment of the best and most accomplished application development companies from across the world, so as to connect the service seekers with the best suited development partners.

Working persistently towards the aim to recognize and put forth the best application developers, GoodFirms has spotted another charmer, Clavax Technologies. This company from California with over four years of experience, craftsmanship and skills has turned out as a new face for application development and stand as an efficient developer in GoodFirms Research.

In order to understand what is so unique about their way of doing work, GoodFirms connected with three of their clients and conducted a one-on-one interview to review how Clavax delivered on their projects. All the three client references and details were provided by Clavax and the reviews were conducted by GoodFirms’ inhouse team. During the review, their clients stated that Clavax has good project management capabilities and their team of developers is quite well versed. They cited Clavax as a dependable and reliable development partner that looks after all their development needs. They cited Clavax to be a transparent company with a well delineated project delivery process.

The clients reviewed were mostly startups and medium-sized enterprises who utilized Clavax’s resources to develop web and mobile applications related to various categories including ecommerce, lifestyle, education and other business services categories. Besides these, Clavax has done plentiful projects in categories like financial services, social networking, media & entertainment as well. They offer web and mobility solutions from application design and development to testing and support services to their clients.

GoodFirms thoroughly inspected their industry experience, market presence, technical expertise, and client ratings and reviews to derive their overall score. Their ratings have been fairly good which made GoodFirms Research spot them as an efficient application development firm. 

Driving on performance, agility and quality, Clavax Technologies has successfully delivered to their clients’ requirements. Their ratings on GoodFirms’ three scale criteria- Quality, Reliability and Ability in application development, have been satisfactory, which clearly shows their agile approach towards application development.

About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a transparent and distinctive research platform that serves to reduce the gap between the service seekers and the service providers of software development so that they can to put their best foot forward. GoodFirms research is a blend of the new client review process and the well established industry-wide review & ranking process that helps you jump several notches higher and multiply your industry wide value and credibility.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to Increase App User Engagement?

According to a Forrester research, “great apps”, as perceived by business leaders, generated 79% more in advertising and sales revenue than the “good apps”. The study also observed that “great apps” offer greater cost savings. So, what factors ensure the success of a mobile app? How can the visibility of apps increase in their respective app stores? What drives users to engage with a particular app more than other apps? Why some applications are downloaded in millions while others barely once?

The crux of the matter here is visibility – the more the number of users who view the app, more the number of downloads and more are the purchases!

In order to ensure that the app is easily discoverable in the stores, the Android app development company

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The 5 Factors Defining Successful Mobile Apps

The iOS platform has reportedly managed to generate revenues to the tune of half a billion dollars driven by its 1.2 million apps and related in-app purchases. There are numerous factors affecting revenues, however, we try to highlight five factors pertaining to the success of a mobile application.

These five key points include factors that are responsible driving traffic to your exceptionally built iPhone apps: 
  • The end users matter a lot when it comes to the success of an app, because it’s the users who dictate the terms of an app’s success, to an extent! A user is most likely to recommend an app to a friend if that application manages to provide them with a smooth navigation along with an interactive user interface. On the other hand, the same users are likely to uninstall their application if they encounter frequent crashes and performance issues.
  • An engaging user interface goes a long way in ensuring that users access the right performance and functionality at the right time. As per a report from Forrester, 40% consumers place high values on improved user experiences.
  • Businesses need to analyze, understand and manage the inherent costs related to developing the app. They can apply statistical tools to identify the major areas
  • Optimization is yet another vital tool contributing towards the success of an application – one factor applies to all segments of the development process right from design, coding, costs and usage.
An iPhone app development company can offer insights on not only the technical aspects of a mobile development project, but also on its monetizing aspects as well. Clavax Technologies is a San Jose, California based company specializing in mobile application development offering services in the design as well of development of high-end applications for the iOS platform.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Application Development – Content over Design?

Over the years, as static web development technologies have evolved to make way for dynamic development, the design principles too have changed! When earlier, project development followed a semantic approach starting with the creation of application design; it is no longer the same. Nowadays, web developers in California have adapted a content-specific approach to developing high-end applications for both mobile as well as the web.

As the design-first approach gives way to content-first approach, the web developers in California are presented with the following advantages in their application design structure:
  • Having a prior idea about the content to be presented on the website gives a certain level of flexibility to the designers in terms of placement and screen layouts.
  • This approach also allows the web developers to outline the basic functionality of the application in the first stage of the HTML creation.
  • Having access to the application content first also eliminates a lot of probable confusions during the process of writing HTML pseudo codes.
  • Developing the application based on this content-first approach not only increases the time-to-market, but also ensures that a scalable and flexible product is built.
A provider of technology services and solutions, Clavax Technologies LLC has a highly skilled team of Android app developers and web developers in California. The company follows an iterative project development approach, which facilitates product modules to be created and shipped at the earliest instance. Furthermore, this Agile development methodology followed by web developers in California does not necessitate “locking down” requirements, meaning clients can now add features even while the application is “in development”.