Friday, December 9, 2016

Is Apple’s new Home App Smart Enough?

Ever since the invention of smartphones, Apple has been on top in the market since 2007. The products of Apple are literally said to be five years ahead of any other mobile phones, which is why people still love them despite its high cost. Not just mobile phones, Apple takes an entry on the smart-home industry with the announce of a platform called HomeKit. It involves adding a little chip to the devices and Apple-specific code to the apps where HomeKit would act as glue for every device sharing the chip. Now, everyone is really excited with the recently released Home App based on HomeKit platform that came with iOS 10. Let us see if the Apple’s new Home App is smart enough. 

Some Attractive Features of Home App

  • It efficiently brings together fractured HomeKit platform
Before the launch of Home App, the products that were compatible with HomeKit platform felt like a loose association of devices controlled by Siri. However, Home App now allows cooperation of them in the single app under shared commands as well as capability to trigger one another.
  • User interface is easily accessible and informative
Apple has finally bought an inaccessible technology to an understandable platform through Home App. The installation process is quite easy and it guides people when they need to fix the things, if not working. It also encourages & teaches the user to explore the possibility of smart-home tech via well-designed interface. 
  • It makes Siri, an interesting smart home tool
With Home App, Siri can do much better with the tasks like turning the lights off, locking the doors, etc. It has given a whole new way of interaction with your home controlling various systems in the house using single voice commands. It even allows you to group devices as per your needs.
  • Let you control your house from Apple TV
Having Siri enabled on your Apple TV remote can help in activating scenes to control the house. E.g., when you sit in front of TV for your favorite series & you see a major glare on TV as you didn’t lower the windows shades in hurry. Well, you can ask your remote to close the window in a second without getting up.
  • User sharing is possible to access HomeKit account
Previously, giving someone else access to your HomeKit account on their iPhone created issues in sending invitations due to improper iCloud account sharing. Sometimes it takes days to accept the invitation or fails to do so. Home App resolves this issue by making the sharing feature enabled & invitations are accepted instantly.
  • Adds automation possibilities to standard devices
Another interesting feature that has been included by iPhone App developers is automation features added to standard home devices. It means you can use geo-fencing to close your window shades or turn off the lights when you leave your house. It also enables connection of a smart switch to other HomeKit gadgets. 

Well, we can definitely see that Apple’s new Home App will give a tough competition to every Mobile App Company. It may have some weak points but surely it is a compelling addition for Apple to stay ahead among the smart home devices.

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