Saturday, August 20, 2016

Which OS to Select First for My App?

App is one of the best aspects of the company that helps it increase the user base at a phenomenal rate. For business which are at early stage, it is necessary to develop an app for your business to reach the desired audience and enhanced revenue generation. But they are encountered with the confusion while selecting the OS to build the app. Well, in this blog, we are going to lay down various factors that should be considered while selecting the platform:

Asia dominates in Android Arena
If you are targeting the APAC region, then it would be beneficial for you to go for android first as it is entirely dominated by android users. Whereas the users of iOS have been dwarfed in numbers by their counterpart in the region.
Apple for paid and in-app purchases
There is a relative difference between the revenue models of apple and android. The former tends to depend on in-app purchases, whereas the latter work has a higher percentage of users paying for applications. If you’re planning to make money through in-app purchases, it would be recommended to you to opt for apple as it is found to generate 70% more revenue than its android counterpart.
To conclude, after carefully considering every benefit, you can contact a skilled team of android or ios app developers that can prove to be of relevant assistance in developing your app.
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