Saturday, August 13, 2016

Developing an Android App? These Tips will be Beneficial for you

As mobile users are growing, so do the number of mobile apps. From small businesses to enterprise level companies, every player is developing its app. Do you know why? Only because it provides a direct channel to reach their users in an effective manner. There are many people who often wonder that why there are so many applications on just one Android platform. Well, the OS covers up to 51.4% of the mobile Operating system market share.
Did you get our point?
Higher the market share, greater will be the number of application users. Amazed? If you’re thinking of getting your own android app developed, then you would like to take a look at certain factors before getting in touch with a mobile app company:
Mastery in Languages
There are two main languages that dominate the arena of android app development, i.e. XML and Java. It is mandatory for the developers to have a prior knowledge of these languages
Tool/Environment Familiarity
Make sure that the developers at the company have the familiarity with right dev tools and integrated dev environments. There are various tools such as Eclipse or Android Studio can be really helpful in this regard.
It is one of the most common factors that is found among the android phones.
Webopedia define it as a threat or concern that a proliferation of diverging variants of the Android platform which will result in the inability of some devices to properly run apps written with the Android SDK.
That is why it should be kept in mind that higher number of device and OS you target, greater will be the cost of testing and maintenance.
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