Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mind These Two Features While Developing Your App

According to a report, app usage in an overall manner experienced a boost by 76% in the year of 2014.
Businesses are gradually discovering the fact that mobile applications can play an important role in converting end users to purchase, either online through physical store. The benefit of mobile app is that any business can easily cultivate loyalty towards the brands while utilizing the application.

But as the competition is becoming ever competitive with every day passes by, need is felt by businesses to hold onto present customers and acquire more of them if they want to gain larger profits.
In this blog, we are going to cover two major features that should be included in the app of any business:
Loyalty offers
There are various advantages of providing customer loyalty solutions to the customers. These include the following:
  • Retention of present customers
  • Gaining new ones
  • Improving relationships with customer
  • Give a boost to marketing activities
  • Increase CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)
These are just like a drop in an ocean when it comes to benefits of implementing Customer Loyalty Solutions.
Wish List
It would be really beneficial to provide your users with a shopping/wish list in the app. It would help in reminding them about the products they have stored in their wish list.
All the above benefits factors should be kept in mind while developing the application. If you face any issue, get in touch with a mobile app company that can provide relevant solutions for all your mobile app development requirements.

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