Thursday, June 30, 2016

Watch Out for These Factors Before Developing an Android App

As Android continues to hold the largest share in the market when it comes to number of users, the instances of businesses developing their apps for Android platform also escalate.
But when it comes to finally developing the app, there are certain factors that are needed to kept in mind before you contact a team of android app developers:

Language Know-how
The universe of android app development is basically dominated by language giants none other than Java and XML. Hence, it is necessary to possess a knowhow of these languages.
Familiarity with environment and correct tools
Another crucial aspect is the familiarization with integrated development environment and right set of development tools before the initiation of the development phase. Here, making use of Android Studio or Eclipse can help you in learning different basics and other essential features that will prove to be of your benefit in future.
Components of the application
App components are an essential element of an application. These play an important role in providing the entry point to the system. These serve different types of purposes that include broadcast, services, activities, content providers and so forth.
When developing an android application, fragmentation is one of the most common factors that you’ll come across. It should be kept in mind that greater the number of devices and Operating Systems, higher would be the time of testing and maintenance paired with the simultaneous increase in costs.
Keep all the above factors in mind while developing an android app for your business.
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