Wednesday, April 6, 2016

360° App Dev: Essentials of Developing an Android App

Nowadays, business of every sizes are having their mobile application, especially on android platform.

We’ll tell you why. Android continues to dominate as the most used platform while holding 51.4% of market share.

Did you get our point?

More market share means more application users. Thus, businesses, from small companies to big enterprises, are getting their app developed to expand their audience base and increase their revenue.

So, are you among those businesses who want to make your own app on Android?



Before you contact a Mobile Application Development Company,
there are some crucial points that everyone should be aware of before starting their android app development. Here, have a look:

Proficiency in Languages

Two dominating languages used in the development of android app development are none other than Java and XML. Therefore, having a considerable knowledge of these languages prior to android app development can be beneficial.

Correct Tool and Environment Knowledge

Familiarizing with the right development tools and integrated development environment before the app development is another important step. To receive benefits, in the long run, you can utilize Android Studio or Eclipse to learn various basics and other crucial process.

Fragmentation Awareness

When stepping into the Android world, what you’ll usually come across is the phenomenon of fragmentation, the high number of different available Android operating system (OS) versions in the market. Here, it should be kept in mind that greater the number of OS versions and devices, greater the time will be required for maintenance and testing along with associated costs.

Keep all the above-listed factors in your mind and watch your business ascend levels in the field of success.

Clavax technologies LLC is a Mobile and Web Application Development Company based in San Jose, California. With its gifted team of more 250+ employees, it provides an all-round solution to each and every project requirement of its clientele all around the globe.

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