Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Real Estate Agents…Time to Focus On Apps!

When it comes to innovative apps, nobody has remained untouched by their burgeoning influence. These applications have been playing a major role in making life efficient of each individual in an industry.
Real estate sector is no exception. Not only the buyers, sellers, brokers, are making it big out of these apps; but also, real estate agents can make the best out of these tools.

What makes these apps so beneficial for real estate agents?Below listed are wonder-working benefits of an app for an agent:

Direct Leads

One of the best advantages of having an app, if you are a real estate agent, is that you own your own leads. Every call and email gets directed to you, regardless of the listing agent. It can help you establish direct relation with your clients, despite of having them connect to you via third parties and aggregators who control your leads. Moreover, to maximize your leads, an app paired with MLS (Multiple Listing Service) would be of great significance. 
 Your Clients can search for Houses regardless of their location
With the advent of evolved search technology, you and your customers can conduct a search by MLS number, address, neighborhood and subdivision. With GPS-based MLS search, you can easily answer all the questions related to property and explore any home from your location.

Enhanced Insights with Analytics

Nowadays, you can use powerful analytics provided by the app to have a favorable impact on your business. For instance, you can see the most-viewed listings by the people. Furthermore, analytics helps you extrapolate behavior patterns of your user by analyzing their app usage pattern. 
These benefits are enough to convey the fact that apps are greatly advantageous for your realty business. So, if you want to keep up with the competitors and meet your client’s demands, get in touch with a mobile app company and get your own app developed according to your requirements.

Clavax is an online real estate software company based in San Jose, CA. We strive to deliver state-of-art services and products to our customers. Got an application related problem? No worries, Clavax is here to devise top-notch solutions for your problems.

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