Friday, December 25, 2015

Re-Engagement of users: Going beyond the Fundamentals

The present universe of the mobile app usage, downloads and engagement is totally different from from what it used to be just a few months back. As application downloads and installs are no longer prerequisites for determining an app’s success, makers of application along with the marketers are searching for new strategies in order to connect with users. For the purpose of retaining the users, there is a need to effectively implement the strategies of user engagement. Moreover, Re-engaging the users at the same time.  

When it comes to Re-engagement, it refers to a set of technologies or practices that are able to identify users who have downloaded an app and present them with special services or offers pursuing them to make use of application more often.
Even if the user has stopped using the application  after a certain period of time, above mentioned entitlements or offers tend to act as an incentive for the  user to use the application again. In order to re-engage the users through an application, a web development company California can either implement push notification or in-app messaging services. Instead, customized services and offers provided by an iOS app development company can play an effective role in the re-engagement of the users with an app after a break.

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